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Myths of Solar Panels

Published on:
2 April 2024

With the rise of solar panels increasing all the time there’s a big urge for homes and buildings to begin using solar panels – however due to the amount there also makes for a lot of myths and ideas people have surrounding solar panels and solar energy. Take a look here at some of the common myths that surround solar panels so you’re up to scratch on your knowledge of solar panels!

Solar Panels only work when it’s sunny

Though solar panels are at their best when it’s sunny, they’re not completely useless when it’s not! Solar panels work in any kind of weather since even when cloudy the solar panels can absorb the light that passes through the clouds.

Even on rainy days solar panels can still work – and can also help with keeping them clean, washing away dirt and possible other messes that would probably be blocking sunlight, preventing your solar panels from generating the most amount of energy and preventing you from making the most out of them too.

Additionally solar panels can work in any climate as well, hot or cold. Though very hot sunny days will produce less energy than that of a cooler sunny day.

Solar Panels are expensive and installing them is complicated

Solar panels are often thought to be very expensive, however that’s generally not the case. Though they are somewhat costly you get the most out of your money since they last an extremely long time needing minimal upkeep and maintenance and usually solar panel costs often depend on where you live.

Installing solar panels is generally quick, only taking around a day or two to complete depending on how large the job would be and even that small wait is worth it since there will be little maintenance to do on it from that point forward other than cleaning which if it rains you might not even need to do that!

Solar Energy isn’t as reliable

It’s thought that solar energy and solar panels aren’t as reliable and efficient as the current methods of getting energy that we currently have. Solar energy is incredibly reliable if not more so than using fossil fuels especially considering the direction energy resources are going at the moment.

Fossil fuels are harmful to the environment and are non-renewable resources, meaning that they will eventually be used up and one day it may be extremely hard to get these kinds of resources. However, solar energy is renewable and is a constant reliable source of energy and it’s also much better for the environment as opposed to fossil fuels.

Solar panels themselves also last a lot longer too – lasting from around 25-30 years, making them well worth the investment for a reliable and renewable source of energy.

Myths busted

There are many myths surrounding solar panels and solar energy and it’s hard to know which are true and which aren’t since solar panels and energy are constantly being improved and worked on to make sure they’re more efficient and reliable for a longer period of time. Want to know more? Speak to an expert today.