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A bigger return on investment.

Solar panels can be installed on most type of buildings, whether domestic or commercial. Commercial buildings can really benefit from having a solar energy system installed, especially as they tend to be far bigger than domestic premises, meaning a larger surface area for more solar panels. This means they can benefit from having more power generated and a bigger return on investment.

Business & Commercial

The difference.

There are some differences between business and commercial solar panels. Business solar panels are installed on small to medium sized businesses, think of an office space. These can be the same size as panels used on domestic properties, meaning the investment return will be about the same. In contrast,

commercial solar panels are typically installed on larger buildings, with the panels themselves being much larger. Commercial solar panels are able to generate far more electricity than business or domestic ones, and therefore are eligible to receive a higher pay-out from the SEG scheme.

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SEG Tariff

What grants are available for commercial solar panels?

While there are no direct grants to cover the installation cost of commercial solar panels, you can make a good profit from the Government backed SEG tariff. This works by energy companies paying you for all the energy that you export to the Grid, with payments ranging between 1p/kWh and 15p/kWh depending on the energy supplier you choose. It is also does not have to be with the company that supplies your energy, so look around to find the best rates.

Tax Free

Are there any tax implications?
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solar panels
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Payments or incentives that you receive as a result of using solar energy are completely tax free, so long as the main purpose of having solar panels is to provide your company with electricity. If you created a solar farm to generate profits however, you would be liable to pay tax.

If you would like to get some more information on installing business or commercial solar panels, get in touch with us!