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north east solar employees putting solar panels on a domestic house

We deal in everything solar.

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Solar PV.

The best thing about solar energy systems is that you can generate your own electricity at home. This can greatly reduce the energy bills you pay, and you get the added bonus of being able to earn some extra money through the government backed SEG tariff.

At NE Solar, we offer a range of systems for domestic, business, and commercial buildings, so we’re sure we have something that is perfect for you. Our panels look sleek and are unobtrusive and often take around a day to install for domestic properties.

north east solar employees putting solar panels on a domestic house
Solar repairs and maintenance.

We have everything you need when it comes to repairs and maintenance of your solar system. The solar inverter often needs regular checks to make sure that the panels are working to their maximum capacity, but overall, solar panel systems are robust and hardwearing, and can last over 30 years if they are well looked after.

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Wear and tear.

Due to weather and other external factors like pollution, solar panels can be affected. We offer a range of services like cleaning and infrared imaging in the North East and further afield, to keep up the maintenance of your solar panels, ensuring you get the most out of them.

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Free pest protection.

Occasionally you may experience problems with birds or rodents nesting beneath your solar panels. We offer a defence system that can be installed to help prevent this issue. It works by deterring the pests from the system, avoiding the need for any expensive repairs. We offer this system free of charge, and would recommend installing it to ensure a long lifespan for your panels. We also specialise in inroof mounted systems which counter this problem, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits of your solar, whilst looking great at the same time.

north east solar employees putting solar panels on a domestic house
System upgrades.

Power optimisers and micro-inverters are becoming a popular choice when it comes to upgrading a solar panel system. Each individual panel has one installed and they help to monitor and improve solar yield while maintaining the output of each panel. Upgrading your system helps to bypass faults that are often expensive to fix and could be easily avoided. Power optimisers help by stopping a fault from spreading to the surrounding panels and with an optimiser such as SolarEdge, you can monitor your system through an app.

north east solar employees putting solar panels on a domestic house
Fault checking and diagnosis.

NE Solar offer operations and maintenance for domestic and commercial systems all across the North East. Solar panels can experience a decline in output when aging, which reduces the efficacy of your system, and poor installation can cause heat spots and fire. We can provide an infrared imaging service to create a thermal map of the solar panels, which can point us to where any defects are, allowing us to quickly and efficiently diagnose what is wrong and repair it.

If you want to know the performance rate of your solar panel system, we can give you the thermal mapping images, which will provide you with the specifics on yield and power levels.


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