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Future of Solar Energy

Published on:
7 April 2024

With solar energy being used by millions of homes and buildings across the UK it’s clear to see that the future of solar energy is looking bright, there are constant innovations being made to solar energy in order to increase its reach and help the world become a more environmentally friendly place and help the government reach net zero in 2050. 

The future of solar energy is always changing for the better and there are so many factors that could help and can shape what the future will be like when it comes to solar energy.

Increased amount of owners

Since more than 1.5 million people in the UK have solar panels it’s expected for that number to rise, especially due to the fact that more people want to change to having more reliable and sustainable energy and solar energy being the most cost effective and accessible form of renewable energy for most homes and buildings at the minute it’s safe to assume the amount of people who will own solar panels will continue to increase.

The prices of solar panels are also decreasing, so with them becoming increasingly more affordable means that people will be more attracted to buy them and get them installed since they don’t take a lot of time to install them. There will likely be more people owning solar panels in the future.

The benefits of solar energy are also becoming progressively more recognized and as this continues to happen it becomes all the more likely that more people will invest in solar energy and consider adding panels to their homes and buildings.


With more people investing in solar energy as its benefits keep getting recognised it’s obvious that there will end up being far more innovative takes on solar panels as time goes on such as; perovskite solar cells and solar skins among many more. 

These many innovations are great to help make the most out of  solar energy and enhance the efficiency of solar panels so it’s even more reliable than ever before!

The innovations don’t just stop at making houses get energy more efficiently though, all of these innovations could also greatly impact transport with vehicles that use solar energy being in development to reduce the reliance on harmful fossil fuels and chemicals creating off-grid vehicles that are better for the environment.

New materials being used in solar panels are also being experimented with in order to ensure and reach new levels of efficiency and reliability as well as to reduce costs.

Decreasing Costs

As alluded to, the costs of solar panels has been decreasing over the years, overall with it nearly dropping by 90% in the last decade. If prices continue to remain low it’ll be a lot more accessible to people to buy and more people will be all the more considerate in investing in solar panels.

If prices continue this way then it’ll be either as cheap if not cheaper than the methods of getting energy that we already have then it’ll be an extremely more popular alternative way of getting energy due to how much better it is for the environment.

The low costs doesn’t just involve the solar panels but solar energy itself as well, seeing as using solar energy can cut costs on energy bills since you’re using your own energy and not the energy from the national grid leading to energy bills not costing as much.

Therefore, in the future this could also lead to further decreasing prices if more solar energy alternatives are created for more vehicles.

Solar-based Projects

With solar energy becoming a more increasingly popular method of getting energy more companies are wanting to weigh in and begin to create larger scale solar energy based projects such as creating solar farms that can generate a great amount of energy and electricity and can link to the grid making it a better way for the grid and homes to get energy as opposed to using fossil fuels. 

As time goes on there will likely be more of these utility-scale projects starting up and becoming far more used and recognised as a primary source of getting electricity and energy to homes and businesses all around the country.

Initiatives have also been crafted to spread awareness to people about solar energy and the benefits it can have as well as helping those to get solar panels in order to help the areas have a lower carbon footprint.

The Future

The future for solar energy is looking bright with all kinds of innovations and developments constantly being tried and made to ensure the world becomes more environmentally friendly and helping to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy. 

Solar energy has everything to gain in the future since it’s come such a long way and has been widely used and recognised by big corporations wanting to decrease their carbon footprint and make a difference.